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Composting Coffee, Science and Magic

This article discusses the science, and frankly magic, behind compost and the role coffee grounds can play in that amazing cycle.

Papua New Guinea Peaberry Coffee Discovery

What is peaberry? Why is it an interesting choice for coffee drinking? Dig into our Papua New Guinea peaberry offering and learn about the farmers and the coffee.

Get Free Shipping on Coffee Orders!

Changing out your stale grocery store coffee for fresh-roasted, single-origin beans? Here's all the ways you can...

Gift Guide: New Holiday Coffee Samplers and a Gift Wrap Option

Josh and I love nothing more than sharing great coffee with our friends and family, so this holiday season we want to give you the opportunity to do the same! We've created some sample packs for you to gift to your loved ones, plus we've added a gift wrap option so you can send great coffee to anyone in the United States!

Make your own bread to go with morning coffee.

There are as many methods for making sourdough starter as there are bakers.

Coffee Education + Youth Development

Here is me with Mark Steadman, CEO of Lone Buffalo. They run a school that teaches English and business skills to underprivileged children. Here they are learning about the coffee process and shooting marketing material for their small coffee roasting business.

Catching up. Elvis loves Laos, amongst other adventures, and coffee, of course.

Ok so I am waaaayyy behind on posting and am now in Chiang Mai, Thailand nearing the end of my journey.

Coffee Cherries, Processing, Milling, and Rubbing Elbows

Today we learn a bit about coffee processing. Step one when getting coffee cherries from the farmers is to ensure the coffee is properly ripe and picked through. Then you can float the cherries which tells you which ones are floaters and include underdeveloped beans or other issues.

3 Affordable Tools to Bring Joy to Your Coffee Routine

Delicious coffee comes in all price ranges and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  But buying quality coffee that suppo...

Luang Prabang, Secret Wars, and Buddhist Monks

Luang Prabang, Secret Wars, and Buddhist Monks Luan Prabang visit nears the end so I've enjoyed the ...

What constitutes ethical coffee?

Our world is shifting, the old paradigms no longer hold water. With increasing population pressures and changing environmental factors, the way our coffee is being produced will change as well. It is imperative that our consumption behaviors change to meet the new demands to create a more sustainable chain. At Out There Coffee Co our focus is on this very intersection. How do we enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning knowing the coffee producers are equipped to meet these new demands?

Redeeming Paradise, Rough Trails, and Luang Prabang Coffee

  Redeeming Paradise, K-Mart, and Rough Trails Once we start out from Vang Vien, after a quick stop at K-mart. ...
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