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3 Affordable Tools to Bring Joy to Your Coffee Routine

3 Affordable Tools to Bring Joy to Your Coffee Routine

Delicious coffee comes in all price ranges and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  But buying quality coffee that supports farmers and the environment should definitely cost more than a few dollars per pound.  That said, there are other ways to save money on your craft coffee adventure.  Here are 3 tools that don’t cost much but when paired with quality coffee, they can bring your brewing to the next level.

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

At around $10, this dripper could be your gateway to pour over coffee.  While we highly recommend a scale and a kettle with a thermometer for perfect pour overs, you can get pretty darn close with just volume measurements.  

Where to find it: local coffee shops often sell these and the paper filters so your purchase could support a local coffee business.  If not, we’ve got you covered.

Milk Frother

The name pretty much says it all!  Frothed milk (or non-dairy oatmilk) can turn your morning coffee into an experience.  Heat your milk separately then foam it up and practice your latte art!  Or brew a strong coffee and add frothed milk for a lovely café au lait.  At around $10, these things take up very little drawer space but can punch up your coffee experience.  If your local shop doesn’t sell one, you can find a decent one here.

Aesthetic Mug

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful or unique mug.  Whether you prefer a hand-crafted ceramic feel (like the one created above by local potter, Sage Eden) or a rustic camp experience (like our own Out There camper mug), there’s a mug out there for you and it’s worth spending your money on. A one-time purchase of around $20 will be the gift that keeps on giving as you sip delicious, hot coffee out of it again and again.

There are tons of great places to buy your unique cup: a local outdoor store, a local coffee shop, a local potter, or even online at your favorite coffee roaster.  

Bonus Tool - Free Music!

One thing that elevates our own coffee experience is an excellent playlist.  There’s lots of options, from YouTube to Pandora, or just your favorite CD. (Those are still a thing, right?) We’ve crafted our own using our favorite music player - Spotify.  If you’re not currently a paid subscriber, you can join for free and enjoy many other wonderful playlists.

Happy Brewing!

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