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Vientiane and Meeting up with Duffy in Laos

Vientiane and Meeting up with Duffy in Laos

Day one through when?

It's hard to properly align the days in mind. I left Oklahoma on the 7th of January, crossed an international dateline, and landed in Vientiane in the a.m. of the 9th of July. Scared the crap out of Duffy by busting into the room we had agreed to meet at. From there we ventured around Vientiane for a day, saw a few things, got planned out for the next few days, and worked on getting some motorcycles.

Here is my goofy self at like 4 a.m. on the 7th before we got in the car for the early drive to the airport. A lot whiter and fatter than I would be a week later.
Vientiane Photos - I don't recall the exact history of this wat. I enjoyed that these places are not just historical relics but places that are actively engaged with as part of their ongoing cultural history. - Elephant monument is made from cups and plates tied together with string.
Jan 10 we prep and leave out from Vientiane. Ohh did I mention Duffy has never ridden a motorcycle before? This decision plagues me later in the journey. I thought everything would be fine once we got out of the city... This leg of the journey started with cats and ended with food so overall a success.
Motorcycling in Laos
Lao Food
That is it for now. Somehow we make it to Vang Vien in one piece. Turns out to be the easiest part of the journey. I Will post about that soon.
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