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We Drink Good Coffee

Consider this our coffee manifesto: We believe in good coffee - freshly roasted, full of flavor - that does more than just taste good. Good coffee should do good - for the farmer that plants it, for the earth that grows it, for the coffee lover who drinks it, and for the entire community in between. Come drink good coffee with us!

Direct Trade Coffee

We buy our coffee beans as direct as possible from coffee farmers around the world. And we pay far above fair trade prices. We want coffee farmers to flourish so we can all continue to enjoy good coffee.

Shade Grown Coffee

Our coffee beans come from coffee trees grown in the shade of other plants. These plants provide food for farmers and communities and protect the soil from erosion and loss of nutrients. We want to keep coffee farms beautiful and healthy for generations to come.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Each bag of coffee is roasted fresh. We roast twice weekly, on Tuesdays & Fridays, to ensure that all our coffee is deliciously fresh. We believe this is the best way to enjoy quality coffee - and we think you'll agree once you give it a taste.

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